How to create a plan viewer | Module 4 | Floors

Step 1

Go back on the dashboard and click on  Floors.

Step 2

You will now see all the floors you created in the Exterior building module lined up. Please upload all your floorplans in JPG format by clicking on the  Floorplan icon of each floor.

Step 3

Then, click on Edit units on floorplan icon to access to floorplan drawing editor.

Step 4

Once you're in the editor, you can start drawing your units on top of the floorplan by clicking on Draw next to the unit number. You can also use the zoom in feature by clicking on the + - icons in the upper right corner. This will make it easier to define complicated floorplans.

Step 5

The floorplan drawing mode uses simple polygons just like the exterior building You can create polygons by simply clicking on the image where you want the node to appear. After you're done, click Save. Repeat for all units on this floorplan.

  • You can rework minor adjustements by clicking on Redraw and then using the magnetic snap feature, as you see below.
  • If you wish to completely redraw the floor, click on Redraw and then Reset.

Step 6

Once you've successfully filled your first floorplan with the correct polygon drawings, you can start doing the same thing for the following floors.

A very important and time-saving feature of Planpoint is the ability to copy a floorplan's polygon drawings. This is extremely useful for buildings that have very similar bases on each floor. By clicking on the Clone floorplan icon, the Clone menu will open up.

By selecting a specific floor, the app will automatically apply the same polygons as this floor to the floorplan image you're currently editing. The app will map in alphabetical order the units in the specific floor list to the copied floor's polygons.

You will still be able to click on the Edit units on floorplan icon and access the floorplan drawing editor for minor adjustments if necessary.

Keep in mind that you can always preview your work in progress by clicking on the Code icon.

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