How to create a plan viewer | Module 2 | Exterior

Step 1

Your project now shows that you have 0 units, 0 floors and 0 members. This is normal. The next step is to draw the floors on top of your building image. Click on  Exterior.

Step 2

You can now add all your building's floors. Click on add floor. Repeat the process for as many floors as you need. 

Step 3

To draw the first floor, click on Edit. You can also use the zoom in feature by clicking on the + - icons in the upper right corner. This will make it easier to define complicated images.

Step 4

Planpoint's drawing features uses simple polygons. You can create polygons by simply clicking on the image where you want the node to appear. After you're done, click  Save.

  • You can rework minor adjustments by clicking on Edit again and then using the magnetic snap feature, as you see below.
  • If you wish to completely redraw the floor, click on Edit and then Reset.
  • If your building image has the same polygon design on different floors, you can use the Copy layout feature. Simply click on Edit, and then on Copy floor layout from and choose the correct floor.
  • You can also rename the floor how you want by clicking on Edit and editing the name field.

Keep in mind that you can always preview your work in progress by clicking on the Code icon.

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