How to create a plan viewer | Module 1 | Settings

This article describes how to create a plan viewer with Planpoint starting with the first module: the general settings. Prior to starting with the first module, make sure you have gathered all necessary content. For more details about the content, please read this article.

Keep in mind that you can always preview your work in progress by clicking on the Code icon.

Step 1

Click on the  Create new project button in the top right corner.

Step 2

Choose the specific plan for this specific project. Plans are based on the number of units per project. Larger real estate projects require a larger monthly plan.

Step 3

The project is now created but empty. Click on settings.

Step 4 

In the project settings, you can now do the following:

  • Define a cover image. This is the image that will appear in the card preview of the project in the dashboard and will also be your main building image. Please choose a high-resolution image, but no bigger than 1.5mb.
  • State the project's name.
  • Choose an accent color. The accent color will be visible in the plan viewer when hovering the building floors and the units on the floorplan. Learn more about the accent color feature.
  • Turn on/off availabilities. When turned on, the plan viewer will specify wether each unit is available or not. Learn more about the availability feature.
  • Turn on/off prices. When turned on, the plan viewer will show each unit's price. Learn more about unit pricing feature.
  • Turn on/off rental project option. When turned on, the plan viewer will be using terms related to rental and not sales. Learn more about the rental feature.
  • Turn on/off branding option. When turned on, the plan viewer will show the Planpoint logo in the bottom left.

When you're done, click on Update settings in the bottom right.

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