How to create a plan viewer | Module 6 | Preview and Embed

Step 1

To access the Preview and Embed module, click on the Code icon in the top right of the project card.

Step 2

To preview your work in progress, simply choose the desired language output and plan viewer theme (only the default theme exists at this moment) and click on Preview.

Step 3

A new window will open up with the live preview of your current project. Test your plan viewer and make changes accordingly. You will need to reload the preview in order for changes to take effect.

Step 4

Once you're satisfied with your plan viewer, simply select the desired language output and theme and click on Copy code to clipboard.

  • You can export as many instances of your plan viewer as you wish, in as many languages as you wish. Each language will have different code to copy.
  • You should paste the code wherever you want your plan viewer to appear in your website. The plan viewer will fill the parent element in which it's inserted. The code will work on every major website platform, from Wordpress to Wix and custom HTML.

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